How To Use Basecamp

A screenshot of Basecamp, our productivity tool that helps us to work and communicate with our clients from around the world

Basecamp is a communication & project tool that we use to work on all of our projects with all of our clients. It saves a lot of time, hassle, and headaches that are caused by trying to work over email. Here is a short guide on how to use it to work with us.   […]

Basecamp – Our Productivity Weapon

Basecamp is Propeller Digital's All In One Toolkit for Productive Remote Work

This past weekend, I deleted our Slack channel. I also deleted our Notion account, a tool we used to organise much of our business, including Our work processes Our pipeline of current projects to complete Our list of potential leads ToDo lists etc… Our team has cut down on internal email communication massively, and even […]

Why We Have No Phone Number

Why we have no phone - it increases the productivity of our web design agency

We decided not to have a company phone number because we feel this is better for both us and you: We are a 5-man remote team from Ireland, the UAE, and Thailand; you won’t appreciate a big overseas phone bill, and we won’t appreciate being rung at 4am in Thailand! We operate our company in […]