Bespoke Web Design

Tell us about your business and its goals, and we’ll design, build, and publish a fast, modern, and attractive website for your business that helps you to reach your goals.

We handle everything – the design & layout, technical development, website address & hosting setup, SEO, security, and performance – everything needed to set you up with an excellent online presence.

Pricing starts at €1,300

Hourly Design & Development

If you already have a website and would like any aspect of it improved or changed, we can help.

We’ll set up a free online consultation, find out what your requirements are, give you our thoughts, and work out a price & timeline.

Website Audit

Unsure how your website is performing? Does it load too slowly? Are people leaving your website before making a purchase or contacting you?

We can perform a full audit of your website, where we examine all aspects of it, compare it to the current industry standards, and give you our professional recommendation for how to improve your website and have it do more for your business goals.

Book a free consultation with us to get started.

WordPress Training

WordPress is our bread & butter – we know it inside-out and are always up to date on the latest developments and best practices.

If you have a WordPress website and you, or your staff, require training on how to use it (uploading content, adding new products, etc), we offer hourly online training that will get you and your staff up to speed with WordPress.

Freelancer / Agency Training

Propeller Digital operates from a tried-and-tested Web Design System that has been developed over several years. It’s a streamlined, organised, and efficient process for the entire web design process, from gathering client requirements, all the way to a Go-Live checklist for publishing the finished website.

If you are a WordPress Freelancer, we can train you up on our process, allowing you to complete projects faster and to a higher standard.

If you run a Digital Agency and have a web design department, or intend to set one up, we can train your staff to follow our process, and train you to manage them as they use it, allowing you to complete projects faster and to a higher standard.