Screenshot of Glantar, a WordPress eLearning and Online Course website


Carmel, the business owner, trains other business owners on hygiene best practices. Following the COVID-19 global pandemic, she saw an opportunity to provide an online training & certification program on how to best re-open hair and beauty salons as Ireland came out of lockdown.

We set up a WordPress website for her business, Glantar, with a built-in Learning Management System that features

  • Online video lessons,
  • A graded Multiple Choice Question test,
  • A personalised certificate upon passing the test.

The course can be purchased individually by salon owners, or they can purchase a bulk license and assign an e-Learning account to each of their salon employees.

Many salon owners and employees from around Ireland completed the training and continue to do so. The the website is an excellent business tool for Glantar, and an excellent education tool that allows salons to safely open and offer their services to the public once again as our nation emerged from the pandemic lockdown.