Orphan Drug Consulting

Orphan Drug Consulting
Orphan Drug Consulting old website screenshot Orphan Drug Consulting new WordPress homepage screenshot


Orphan Drug Consulting (ODC) is a pharmaceutical consulting firm based in Ireland and the United States.

They were not happy with their website, so they approached one of our business partners, Buy Media, who were managing their online advertising, and asked them to recommend a web designer. They recommended us.

Our Lead Web Designer, Ruairi, worked with their Senior Business Development Executive, David Crowley, to build a new, modern & elegant, mobile-responsive website using WordPress.


The Problem:

ODC’s existing websites was split into two parts:

  1. The main website, a HTML/CSS with no functionality that was difficult to edit & update.
  2. A separate blog running on WordPress.

Since the main website was not built on a Content Management System like WordPress, editing it involves downloading a given page, opening up in a text editor, and making changes, which is difficult and time-consuming to do if you do now know HTML & CSS. This is an issue as ODC is a pharmaceutical consulting firm, not a software or IT firm.

Furthermore, splitting up the blog and the main website means there are two separate websites to manage, log into, and learn to use.

Our Solution:

We merged the main website and the blog into one WordPress website.

We used a premium page building tool called Elementor Pro. This tool made it quick for Ruairi to draft the first design, improve it in real-time with David, and to then work on the rest of the other pages and their content. It also made it easy for David to take over management of the website once it was complete, as it is quick to learn and easy to use, so he picked it up after a 30 minute lesson with Ruairi.

The new website has a better design, layout, and overall feel compared to the previous one, which did not convey the company in the best way possible. Now, visitors are given a good impression of the business straight away through the modern, easy-to-use website.


Project Management:

Since email is an inefficient project management tool, we use a tool called Basecamp for all of our client communication and project management. Below is a screenshot of the Basecamp project for Orphan Drug Consulting. It made the project quicker and easier, and David reported that it was easy to use and helped the project to move along.