About Us

Who Are We?

Propeller Digital is a young team of Irish web designers & developers, working from abroad for clients all over the world. All of us have an insatiable appetite for learning new useful skills, and this has driven our rapid growth as an agency. We try to skip all the nonsense and time wasting that is all too common in business and focus on getting tangible results!

Ruairi McNicholas

I first started building websites at the age of 12 using iWeb on an Apple Mac. From there I taught myself web design & development using the internet, and worked part-time while in school, building websites for local businesses. Design & communication are my passions, though I’ve caught the coding bug and am currently learning PHP. When I’m not learning a new skill or reading a new book, I can be found (and heard) singing, rock climbing, exploring the outdoors and travelling.

Oliver Burke

I’ve always had an interest in technology, I built my first computer in my early teens and started learning to code shortly after. I’m drawn to anything that helps me improve – whether mentally or physically. That might help to explain my main pursuit outside of Propeller Digital, martial arts. I’ve had six professional Muay Thai fights in Thailand and I plan to fight MMA in the near future.

Paddy Hogan

Doing the MA in Digital Media in NUIG broadened my horizons and allowed me to forge my future career path in design. It gave me my first introduction to backend development and also introduced me to the design thinking process, which I apply to every graphic or web design project I undertake. Design has always been of keen interest to me and it has slowly turned into a passion as time has gone on. I take a great deal of pride in my work and this can be shown through the careful planning and preparation that goes into each of my projects. Football and music are the other big interests in my life and I was lucky enough to fulfil a dream of mine by making several appearances in the League of Ireland with Galway United. With my music, I was able to play at major festivals throughout Ireland in the not so distant past and hope to do so again in the not so distant future.

Dylan Enright

I always had a keen interest in anything involving tech from a young age. I often found myself wondering how technology works from both a hardware and software perspective. Video editing was always a hobby that I also enjoyed throughout my life. Deciding to study Computing & Digital Media in GMIT allowed me to bring these areas that I am passionate about together and express my creativity throughout the course. I love working with clients by bringing their ideas to life using this knowledge that started out as a hobby and is now my full-time career.

Sean Deloughery

I have always had a strong interest in creative projects from an early age which sparked my entry into Web Design. I constantly found myself drawn to the technical side of things as well as producing clear and concise content that gets across to the reader effectively. Photography and Videography were two areas I have had has a keen interest in from a young age also. Since learning all things Web Design I have found myself being able to tap into many facets of business such as client management and sales which has allowed me to transition my hobby into a full-time job. Strength training and reading are my other main interests which allow my creative and disciplined side to thrive.